co:Lab Group Show- Last event

March 16th to March 28th
Opening reception
Saturday, March 16, 4pm – 8pm
New paintings by, Kai Hart
Photographic works by, Andrei Gravelle
Risograph prints by, Tosca Teran 
Paintings by, Kristen D’Aquila and Gillian Blekkenhorst 
Guest artist, Franklin Lau

Limited Editions & more!

I’ve created some limited edition Risographs. Sales of these special Risograph prints go towards research in myco-remediation.

Guest artist

I’ve invited the artist, Franklin Lau to show some of his beautiful photography.  Franklin’s work is a culmination of an intuitive journey, often beginning with an ineffable attraction to particular objects. The works are all shot from outside a water tank in which the objects are submerged.


We leave this space with our heads held high. Amazing opportunities have come our way, new work explorations, new studios and galleries to open. We sincerely hope to see all of co:Lab’s friends and supporters in the future!

co:Lab 906 Queen Street West @Crawford

co:Lab Exhibit

March 16th to March 28th
Opening reception
Saturday, March 16, 4pm – 8pm
New paintings by, Kai Hart
Photographic works by, Andrei Gravelle
Riso prints by, Tosca Teran 
Paintings by, Kay Daq and Gillian Blekkenhorst 
co:Lab 906 Queen Street West @Crawford

Feb/March workshops

                Build your own Nanotopian MIDI Bio-Sonification Module and start listening to the biology around you!  February 23/24 1pm-4pm $95/pp

Seacliff life along Húnaflói Bay, Iceland.

Collaborate sonically with the non-human organisms around you. Next time you go on a picnic bring along your Bio-sonification Module & listen to the sounds of the forest, how it responds to your presence then, place the electrodes onto your friends or hook up your houseplant and see how it really feels!
Students receive step by step guidance putting together their own Bio-Sonification Module kit and help in understanding how the device works.
Last half of the workshop participants place electrodes onto plants, fungi, themselves or each other and listen to their Bio-data through Ableton Live, Animoog, Model 15 (or similar digital music apps and analog synths) creating a Bio-Sonification Symphony!

Various plants, soil, and Mycelium will be available during the workshop for participants to place their electrodes onto along with iConnectivity Midi to USB/Lightning connectors for participants to try out different instruments/software; Ableton, Animoog on iPad, Model 15 (on iPhone & iPad), Moog Mother32s, Make Noise NoCoast, etc. Other possibilities are shown and discussed, for instance, Ableton Max/MSP Midi video disruption!

Each participant receives their very own Bio-Sonification Module kit, a Module container file that they can 3D print offsite and a lo-tech version we will put together during the workshop, a set of electrodes and electrode pads or electrode clips (participants can choose during the workshop). The Bio-Sonification Modules were created by Tosca Teran with the assistance of Manuel Domke and Sam Cusumano!

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of soldering is very important.Here is a link to the Mighty Ohm’s, fullsoldercomic_enSome Ableton Live knowledge is helpful, but not necessary!

“Bio-sonification,” basically means using technology to turn the bio-rhythms of natural objects into sound.

Biodata Sonification is a process to translate complex real-time sensor data into musical notes and controls, exploring the auditory sensory modality to provide insights into invisible phenomenon.


Insect Spreading workshop

Back & Front view
Back & Front view

Learn how to spread moths/butterflies and beetles. Thursday evening, February 28. Class  starts at 7pm $75/pp

In this class, students will learn about basic insect preparation. We will discuss harvesting and drying specimen, rehydrating dried specimen, and in class we will practice handling techniques, spreading, mounting, the nuances of posing, display, and maintenance. An assortment of ethically sourced insects; Beetles, moths and butterflies, in various sizes, shapes, and colours will be provided. Students will learn how to put together and maintain their own rehydration chamber, things to check for during all stages of the process to ensure a clean and successful end product, and tips for gentle handling. We will also cover how to select museum quality materials for displays. Students receive 1 Riker mount (or similar) for their specimen, 1 set of insect pins & 2 insects.

As always, all specimen are ethically sourced. We will be reviewing the origins of the insects used in class, how students can ethically and legally source specimen, and suggested, reputable suppliers.

Students go home with their own prepared insects, one Riker mount (or similar) display, the pinning/spreading board made during class, resource list as well as 1 set of insect pins and the knowledge to create their own pieces in the future. It is recommended students bring a small bag or box or display case to transport their pieces.

CV Sunday Feb 10th

CV Sunday at co:Lab

MoogFest 2018 Engineer workshop

Share a patch/Learn a patch

Nanotopia plan to have some of the following out on a table: Moog Subharmonicon, DFAM, juiced up Minitaur and some Moms hanging out with Make Noise, Erica Synths, Teenage engineering Pocket Operators, Nanotopian Midi Bio-Sonification modules and who knows!?

Bring your gear!
2pm – 6pm

January 17-27 DesignTo Festival exhibit at co:Lab

Opening reception Thursday, January 17th 7pm-10pm

Come and meet the artists/makers: Trinley Dorje, Tosca Hidalgo y Teran, Maggy Middleton, Riko Okuni

La Planete Sauvage
co:Lab 906 Queen West @Crawford 
January 18-27th 
Opening Reception, Thursday January 17th 7pm-10pm
During the opening reception a special Introductory demonstration of Sculpting w/Mycelium & Bio-Sonification collaborating with non-human is taking place $25/pp advance register required if interested in having your Bio-data recorded and receiving a mycelium grown bowl.

Come celebrate with us! And meet the Artists/Makers:

Trinley Dorje: Microcosm of The Earth Series.
Microcosms of the Earth is a bioart related series which displays cardiomyocytes (cardiac muscle cells) in a colourful and topographical nature. Each artwork is a unique depiction of Earth. The cardiomyocytes are distorted, and blurred to give a surreal appearance to the artwork which represents the ever shifting and changing tectonic plates and the effects climate change has on the environment.

Maggy Middleton: The Vexed Muddler.
By day a molecular biologist who studies bacterial evolution in the context of pathogenesis. By night they create digital and sculptural art and jewellery exploring microbiology, anatomy, physics, and other scientific realms. As the Vexed Muddler they’re primary interest is in creating conversation pieces that surprise and delight, provoking curiosity and exploration. 

Riko Okuni: Riot Works.
Simple design and carefully handcrafted pieces with beautiful weirdness. Metal + Wood.

Tosca Teran: Mycelial experimentations & bio-sonification.
Mycelium forms sculpted by hand and using 3D printed bio-filament.
Exploring acoustics, wearable insulating factors, and bio-remediation that incorporates bio-sonification.

The Journey Begins

co:Lab is a multidisciplinary creative space located on Queen Street West in Toronto’s fashion/design district. This space is open for artists & creatives looking for space to work in, network, show/sell their work, cultivate creative community, share with the public.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton